Touring Box Canyon and the Coke Ovens

I had a chance to take this ride as part of a BLM sponsored event and was blown away by this special area for riding with so many interesting things to see. I

I’ll post some of my better shots. But first this from the Arizona Game and Fish site.

  • Access: Take U.S. 60 east to Florence Junction, then SR 79 south to Price Rd. (roughly 16 miles). Price Rd. is just north of the Gila River crossing. Go east on Price Rd. (dirt road) approximately 10 miles to a fork in the road, continue left leaving the railroad tracks.
  • Route: Shortly after entering Box Canyon you will need a 4×4. To Martinez Mine, about 1 hour. To Coke Ovens, 2 hours. Jeep trail into Coke Ovens is very scenic. This trip is a full day.
  • Rating: Rough to extreme. Worthy trip with right vehicle. Experienced drivers a must. 4×4 ONLY. Do trip in a caravan with no less than three vehicles-preferably five. Not recommended for newer SUV’s.
  • Warning: Be very cognizant of the weather conditions up the watershed. Do not attempt after or during rain storms. Being caught unaware in Box Canyon will have dire consequences. Be prepared!
Arizona Box Canyon OHV trail

Arizona Box Canyon OHV trail


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